September 4-9, 2016 – Race Week – National SCCA Solo Auto Cross – Lincoln, Nebraska


This was my third Solo Nats, and it was easily the best one I’ve had. From feeling far more comfortable in the competition car since I actually got some seat time instead of doing one event beforehand. To both my mental and physical state, since that’s what I’ve been trying to improve all year. And because of that, my driving showed a huge improvement. I always joke I’m not an autocrosser and I find the fun in challenging my driving to the precision that autocross needs. SML has some great competition, and bringing an underclassed car to the fray adds an extra challenge. It REALLY felt good this year when after I did my runs, have a bunch of people come up and comment on how well I drove. I wasn’t winning, I wasn’t breaking records, but apparently I was doing something right. And that felt really good.

The courses this year were a blast, its the first year I can’t choose a favorite. Maybe because I hit some sweet spot mentally that I could really step back and enjoy driving a really well setup(and REALLY fun) car. Sure I made mistakes, I can easily point out my coned fastest run on East, and blowing the entry to the final sweeper my second run on West as costing me a shot at trophies… but I really think my takeaway from Nats this year was my head game.

Now looking ahead to East Coast Championships, I know keeping my head where it was at Nationals will at least keep me in the chase. It might not mean ultimate victory, but it means enjoying a really fun car on a REALLY fun track… and if I’m having fun it usually means I’m going fast. #NASANatshasstarted

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