September 4-9, 2016 – Race Week – National SCCA Auto Cross – Lincoln, Nebraska


September 3, 2016 – Setting out a little later than planned, since I just HAD to fiddle with the van a little more. Next stop Lincoln!!! #solonatshasstarted #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven


September 4, 2016 – Sunrise starting on the tail end of Ohio. Halfway there! #becauseracecar  #raceallthethings #solonatshasstarted


September 4, 2016 – Marc Monnar – So close yet so far… 4 hours left. #solonatshasstarted— with Amy Dilks


September 5, 2015 – Breakfast complete now heading to the site! Solo Nats HAS started! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #solonatshasstarted


September 5, 2016 – Car unloaded, new sticker #hoosier A7s mounted, last few things checked, ready for tech and practice runs! And thanks to Mike Woeller for the new hashtag #SoloNatsSoHard!!! I’m so proud of the van for hauling 20 hours straight and not missing a beat! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #solonatshasstarted


September 5, 2016 – Tech line fun!  #becauseracecar  #raceallthethings  #solonatshasstarted


Sepyember 6, 2016 – Amy Dilks keeping it tight.


September 6, 2016 – The ladies of SML, not just fun but FAST to boot. We were all flying on the East course today. I’m in 5th with some close gaps throughout the class! Everything to play for on the West course and uncertain weather on the horizon. Pinkies out!!! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #solonatshasstarted


September 6, 2016 – Day one runs in the books, always a blast to drive with the ladies of SML!!!  Onto the West course tomorrow! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #solonatshasstarted


September 7, 2016 – Early to grid for day 2. Skies are gray but the surface is dry so far. West course is where I have to go fast, and it’s a bunch of wide open sweepers. My favorite. #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #solonatshasstarted


September 7, 2016 – Day two runs in the books, it is all over. Last runs were a little wet, but did my best and ended 5th, always a blast to drive with the ladies of SML!!!  #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #solonatshasstarted


September 7, 2016 – The face you make when you miss trophies by .082 because the rain got too bad your last run. Still had a blast and really happy I stayed *mostly* clean this week. Congrats to all the SML drivers for kicking ass in the conditions!!!  #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #solonatshasstarted


September 8, 2016 – From driver mode to crew mode, now to take care of the car so Marc can drive it hard! becauseracecar #raceallthethings #solonatshasstarted


September 8, 2016 – The less glamorous, but essential, side of fighting for tenths and hundredths of seconds. Cleaning tires and checking things over for  @monnarmotorsports DSP runs tomorrow and Friday. #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #solonatshasstarted


September 10,2016 – All loaded up and headed home. Thanks for another year of awesomeness Lincoln!!! #solonatshasended

September 10-13, 2015 – Race Week – SCCA AutoX Solo Nationals – Lincoln Airport · Lincoln, NE


Freaking MADE IT!!! Now it’s a party! I did snag the Iowa sign last night, but pictures while moving suck. #solonatshasstarted Woo!


Day 2 practice course runs! Getting the car setup for competition tomorrow. Ready to ROCK! #raceallthethings #becauseracecar #SoloNats2015


Always use extra safety measures when transporting fuels! #vpracing #wefound93 #thirstyracecars #becauseracecar


Early morning runs starting in 10, a damp and drying course will separate who can adapt. Let’s do this. #becauseracecar #ladydriven #chickswithstreettires #raceallthethings #SoloNats2015


Day one runs complete! Not where I wanted to be but looks like I’ll be chasing going into the West course. Everything to play for tomorrow! Excellent close competition and a great group of drivers to run with! #SoloNats2015 #racelikeagirl #becauseracecar


Early morning, dry pavement, a twisty technical course and a rainbow. Cars go hot at 8am CST. Only a few minutes and everything to play for. #SoloNats2015


And that’s all she wrote. Looks like the return of my cone record, coned both of my fast runs this week, and again finished 5th in class. But, it was some VERY close racing with very talented drivers. Last year, both in racing and autocross, I was trying to find seconds of time… this year has been nothing but fighting for tenths or even hundredths. It’s never easy to see your name farther down the standings, but the fact that the gaps are getting smaller in itself is a victory. Each year I’m striving to improve and I feel like I’m doing that. I have a better idea of what I have to do to get better. Continuing to look ahead to bigger things, and getting better. Nice driving all!


Amy Dilks is on her way outta Lincoln.

September 01-05, 2014 – Race Days – SCCA – Solo National Championships – Lincoln NE

Well, that’s that folks. Runs are in and results are out. Marc Monnar killed it in DSP, ending 4th overall in a VERY close class. I coned it all away this week, 5th in SML… BUT the car ran and handled great, we can drive it home and honestly, raw timing Godzilla today in an under classed car felt good.


With Amy Dilks and Marc Monnar at SCCA Solo National Championships. Black helmet = ME! Getting friendly with those cones in Marc Monnar’s car!


Race day one! Marc @monnarmotorsports is first up in DSP. I’m up later in SML, remember you can follow live at


Having a blast!!!


@monnarmotorsports and I squeezed in a few practice runs yesterday to shake out the car and ourselves. Car feels great, more practice runs today. Wishing all the competitors running today good luck! Have fun, go fast!


Day one at Nationals with @monnarmotorsports No competition today, but getting registered and teched nice and early!


Two speeding tickets, 8 porno shop billboards, 9 gas fill ups, insane rain storm, hail and tornado warning, 1,570 miles later… WE MADE IT TO LINCOLN!!!!