November 15, 2015 – Race Day – PSCC – RallyX – Greg’s Farm


10 months after buying the car for rallycross, I now am rallycrossing it for the first time! Tearing up some mud today with PSCC! #becauseracecar #efilogics #jnaperformance #ruges #subaru #subiegirls #becauseracegirl #raceallthethings #ladydriven #chickswithgraveltire


Post bend strut.


Majestic race car doing majestic race car things. Thanks Kwesi!


Bent Strut and still racing – With Amy Dilks in Red Hook, New York


Inaugural rallycross for the RS was a success! Definitely have a starting point and idea of what I want to change with the car. Put up a great fight in Prepared AWD! You know it’s a good day when the sides of the car are more dirty than the front. #becauseracecar #efilogics #jnaperformance #ruges #subaru #subiegirls #becauseracegirl #raceallthethings #ladydriven


November 9, 2014 – Race Day – PSCC – RallyX – Greg’s Farm


PSCC RallyX today! Wagon is under the weather so I’m borrowing the club Volvo! #greenmachine #becauseracecar


So I didn’t actually get to drive the Volvo, one of the other drivers cracked the oil pan before I could get a run. Thanks to Paul for letting me snag some runs in his car! I had a blast!  #becauseracecar

June 1, 2014 – Race Day – PSCC – Rallycross – Greg’s Farm


Susan did it! Podium finish for the warrior wagon(out of 8 Prepared AWD cars). Not bad!!!


Dusty course is dusty!!!


This video should be epic 🙂 #pscc #rallycross


Susan is all shoed up and ready to get DIRTY! #pscc #rallycross #becauseracegirl


After many years in storage, I FINALLY get to give these puppies a try tomorrow! #rallycar