October 20-22, 2017 – Race Weekend – AER – Mid Ohio – Lexington, Ohio

That’s not my car and trailer… heading out to Mid-Ohio for the AER event this weekend!

#becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven — at Heinlein Racing Development.

Demetrius Mossaidis I think I found Amy…

That’s a lot of hills on that tow. Yay for my massive transmission cooler… also I did kinda get lost in a cornfield. Which I think is par for the Mid-O experience.

Finished up the morning practice with Fireball and the team. Mid-Ohio is a super fun track with tons of quick elevation changes that video doesn’t quite capture. Time to fuel both humans and cars over lunch and get ready for qualifying this afternoon!

#becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #aer #americanenduranceracing #aer17mido #shiftupllc — at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Qualifying complete, both cars shaken down and qualified. Waiting for the AER stewards to work the numbers. A few minor adjustments for tonight and we race tomorrow!

#becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #aer #americanenduranceracing #aer17mido #shiftupllc — at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Scott Barton #589 RAW Racing 1st in class!attending AER at Mid Ohio at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Made a new friend today

Joel Karns  Fireball had its first ever podium and it was a win. A long hard fight with luck and the racing gods looked favorably upon us. Fireball showing off its goods. Here is to tomorrow!

Early morning grid, cars have been checked and are ready to go. I’m in the car second!

#becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #aer #americanenduranceracing #aer17mido — at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

The little vert that could!!! Second in class today, we had to fight for it since a few class 2 cars got bumped down and we had a short stop causing us to have to do an extra stop. Managed first overall in class for the weekend as well!!!!

#becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #aer #americanenduranceracing #aer17mido — at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

July 15-17, 2016 – Race weekend – AER – NJMP – Lighting


Had a great day testing and qualifying with the #88 DriveGear Racing “Ladies plus Jay” team at the American Endurance Racing #NJMP event! Doing some simple prep and getting ready for tomorrow! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #chickswithslicks #aer


@christinaylam Installing helmet communications with critical Mac & Cheese duct tape! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #chickswithslicks


I’m convinced the car doesn’t like me… I was in for the first stint and almost done when I couldn’t get it into gear. Managed to limp it into the pits for repair. Clutch master being replaced and hoping that fixes it! #pressonregardless #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven


Day 2! Starting from the rear of the pack, but it’s gonna be another hot 9 hour race. I’m in for the first stint, hoping all the wrinkles got ironed out yesterday! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #chickswithslicks #aer #njmp


Just chillin on the apex while driving the #88 DriveGear Racing/Shift Up LLC #e30 in the AER event last month at NJMP Lightning. The car was a blast while it ran!!! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #efilogics #jnaperformance #ruges #subaru #subiegirls #azpinstalls #bmw #aer #americanenduranceracing
Photo by PuppyKnuckles


She completed her run…made up a lot of laps!!!


Lynn is suited up and ready take over for Chis! Girl power!


Oh no! More trouble!

Race Update: I started, was running well until I had to drive off track in a rough spot to avoid a “situation” with an overtaking car. The strut top was damaged and we had to do a quick repair behind the wall. Luckily it didn’t impact too badly since there was a full course yellow during the repair. I stayed in and went back out… the gas pedal broke. I stayed out as long as I could, set my fastest lap and then the gas pedal fell off completely and I had to pit for repairs during the driver change.

That car really, really doesn’t like me. #pressonregardless


So uh… yeah. My second stint following Lynn started out rough when we had to push start the car out of the pits. 1.5 laps in the car broke up at more than 50% throttle. Came in, pit repairs, sent out again and barely made it out of T1. Nursed it in, behind the wall and repairs started. The ECU looks to have failed. New ECU and I was sent out again to gain as much time as I could. Set the fastest lap of the day so far then handed off the car to Jay for the final stint. Less the half the starting field is running right now, let’s bring it home! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings  #ladydriven #chickswithslicks #pressonregardless


The tired little warrior! Took the checkered both days and survived 18 hours of racing(minus the repair time) to finish 25th overall! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #chickswithslicks

April 23-24, 2016 – Race Weekend – American Endurance Racing – Watkins Glen – E30 Class

April 23, 2016 – On our way to the Glen!


April 23, 2016 – And we’re on the road. Packed up at Lime Rock and now to caravan up to #watkinsglen with Kallie! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #chickswithslicks

EllCie Photography

A short summery of “The Women” and racing with AER at Watkins Glen. Click the Icon above to see all the pictures and to order any. Enjoy!

Photo’s by: EllCie Photography

Team 3-M

April 24, 2016 – Incredibly proud of The Women! Thank you Laura Patton Parkhurst, Amy Dilks, Krista Peden Williams, Christina Lam, Sarah Robinson, Andrew Zimmermann, DriveGear Racing, Todd Reid for making our inaugural run something to talk about. We’re taking this show on the road! We’ll see you all at an event soon. And thanks to our sponsors: Stoneleigh-Burnham School, Retirement Wealth Specialists, Mardi Gras Sports Bar in St. Augustine, FL, and Silberline (Lisa Scheller). More photos on the way for these amazing sponsors.

Candid 7-M

Team 2-M

Candid 2-M

April 24, 2016 More Photos by Amy Dilks:


Grid selfie! All ready to roll at #watkinsglen for the second day of Round 1 of #aer series! Here we go! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #chickswithslicks @ladydrivenamerica


And we’re green! Suns out and the track is hot. First driver swap is coming soon! @gypsylynn05 @christinaylam #drivegear #becauseracecar #ladydriven #chickswithstreettires #mmnotattheglen #raceallthethings @ladydrivenamerica


And this is where our race ends… I was on the last lap of my stint, and the car had been feeling a little sluggish. Was in the braking zone on the back straight, big cloud of smoke and the car had no power. Pulled off line and was towed in. Head gasket looks to be the culprit. Thank you to all of our awesome sponsors for this opportunity, but unfortunately that’s racing! #becauseracecar #raceallthethings #ladydriven #chicksthatrace