July 7-9, 2017 – Race Weekend – Subaru Mt Washington Hill Climb – Mt Washington, NH

Friday – Sunday, July 7 – 9, 2017

Three days, 75 cars, some of the best race and rally drivers from around the world, competing for “King of the Hill” honors on the Northeast’s tallest peak-Mt. Washington!

Known as one of the oldest motorsports events in the United States, the Climb to the Clouds was first run in 1904 and is now returning on July 7-9, 2017!

#tbt To when @rallyerika and I were at NEFR and took a detour to Mt Washington. Today begins the#CTTC2017 where I get a chance to tackle the mountain for real this time.

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Erin Kelly > Amy Dilks hood is down from the attic!👍 thanks to my neighbor! See you tonight🙌🏽

New hood acquired after hood pin failures at the end of last year!

My favorite tailgater is back behind me. Been running around since 6 am this morning picking up parts and such, a few hours in the garage and she’ll be ready for testing at Pocono tomorrow. Going down to the Clean Culture meet and hopefully meeting some new faces!

Getting the Subie ready for the Mt Washington hill climb, Hood wrapped, some final work on the STI then testing at Pocono.


Teammates all checked in! Mary (Erika’s codriver) apparently doesn’t selfie. I think a weekend with me might change. Or not!

#becauseracecar #raceallthethings  #ladydriven #nasane #efilogics #jnaperformance #subaru #azpinstalls  #appliedgraphix — at Mount Washington.

Photos by: Caleb Pococ

Caleb Pocock added 3 new photos to the album: 2017 Racing Season — with Amy Dilks and William Petrow
Photos by Justin Rancourt
Couldn’t have picked a prettier spot to break down… junkyard engine that took 6 years of beatings finally let go. Anyone have a spare? #becauseracecar#raceallthethings

#tbt To one of the most insane, life-changing event I’ve ever been a part of… #CTTC2017. From fighting to just get on the entry list, the struggles with car prep and then the engine failure it demonstrated in real time how many awesome people I am fortunate to know and have behind me. At this point, riding on the side of the wrecker, the engine was being sourced, tools were being gathered, and the troops were being mustered.

Thank you to everyone, for this event, this year and all the love. It was a truly humbling experience


A small sample of the posts in Facebook to support Amy and trying to get Amy racing again:

Tyler Stalls > Amy I know we need to hang out more. It sucks when you live 3 and half hours away. But I personally know you are one of the most dedicated individuals out there pro or am in the racing world. You literally are what you say when you say “race all the things”.

You are gonna hop in that purple people eater of yours….. And you are not gonna just drive up mt washington. You are going to dominate it. And maybe just maybe make people go “who the hell was driving that purple STI?”.

You got this. I and many others are behind ya 100% of the way. Go #TeamAmyDilks

Ben Caesar > Amy Dilks let’s do a Michael Sousa and make it happen if you can source one let’s make it happen

Christy Carlson > I found an 06 longblock ready to go at Kinetic, but the owner wants $$ for it. Would anyone else be willing to chip-in to help her pay for it so she can get it in and run it?

Karen Sullivan > What type of engine would she need? I can ask among my friends
Alexis Dabilis > I’d be willing to help on this, if we get enough people to, she can still race!
Ryan Rice > If you do get a longblock on the line, try to get a turbo and oil cooler with it. Likely metal in those now. Pick up oil and coolant before parts stores close, and I’ll bring my tools.
Jay Storm > Best I can do today is a shortblock in Cleveland…..Ohio!
Khanh Hoon Derpé > I can throw the crane and tools in the truck and get up there tonight. Or you can tow it down and use my garage.
Christy Carlson > I’ve contacted Gear One Performance, IAG, Kinetic Motor Works and RACETEK Automotive Inc. Now we gotta find individuals in the area or hope that those folks that are already there (Like Vermont Sports Car) can help.
Jay Storm > Team O’Neil maybe? Class car mayhem?
Bruce Dunn > Peter Donato usually has them in stock, but he’s in PA.
John R Caffese > I can vouch for Pete from my subaru days and I’m not far from him
Christy Carlson > **Update – Motor Sourced! Thanks Everyone! **Call Out. Who knows someone up in Vermont/New Hampshire/Mass area that has a long-block EJ257 laying around! Amy Dilks motor finally gave up the ghost at practice at Mt Washington hillclimb, and she needs a new motor, TODAY!! Please help.
Amy DilksUpdate: motor has been sourced. Just need to pay for it. If anyone wants to contribute(again… not mandatory) I am SO humbled be everyone’s help. My PayPal is StripesRX@aol.com
Mary Hagy > GREAT NEWS! I just sent my contribution
Michele Abbate > Its not much but i hope it helps!!!!!
Terry Stiles > So glad things are working out and that you have so many friends that care about you!
Failed engine is out, new engine is on its way. Thank you to everyone who came together and helped in every way possible. I simply have no words.
Photo by: Matt Kennedy
Matt Kennedy > Here was Ian with his Mr. T starter kit.
Photo by: Ian Pouliot
Ian Pouliot > Helped do a thing…
Photo by: Ryan Rice
Ryan Rice > Ian and Amy killin’ the motor swap 👌
Douglas Bolduc > It lives!!

After an engine swap Amy Dilks was able to get in the second run and will get to race tomorrow ..

WE MADE IT!!! First run in the books and I have an official time up Mt Washington. 8 minutes flat on a pretty conservative run since I didn’t have much practice time. 42nd overall and 3rd in class!!! We did it team!

#becauseracecar#raceallthethings#ladydriven #nasane #efilogics #jnaperformance#cttc2017#subaru#azpinstalls #appliedgraphix

Watch Video
July 9th 2017 – Mt Washington Hill Climb Facing Cam – Top of the Mountain #551 Subaru
July 9th 2017 – Climb to the Clouds 2017 – Mt Washington Hillclimb – #551 Subaru WRX STi HPSS

Photos by: Caleb Pocock

The car climbed Mt Washington twice, and I get to go home with a few souvenirs. This event was such an amazing experience, thank you. Thank you to everyone. I am speechless, and thank you doesn’t seem enough.