America Endurance Racing – Meet “The Women” – April 20, 2016

At the racetrack, women are far and few between. But you can expect a different scene at the American Endurance Racing season opener. ‘The Women’ is an all-ladies team preparing to take on the Glen this weekend. They have partnered with DriveGear racing and will be piloting one of their Spec e30s.

Lynn Schultz Kehoe put together this group of six women to prove that women can do anything. She is on the board at Stoneleigh Burnham School, an all-girls school, and finds importance in female empowerment.

Kehoe started racing just a year ago but has built a strong foundation in motorsports. She has done time trials with NASA, gone ice racing with AMEC, and spent three years doing HPDE events prior to getting her competition license.

“My passion for motorsports is symbolic of girls and women’s journeys to blend gender lines in brave and collaborative ways.”

Joining Lynn are Amy Dilks, Christina Lam, Laura Patton Parkhurst, Sarah Robinson, and Krista Peden Williams.


Lynn Schultz Kehoe
Occupation: Consultant for Sentia Advisors, LLC
Started Performance Driving: 2012
Involvement: NASA, AMEC, Chin, HOD, Just Track It


Amy Dilks
Occupation: Events Manager at DeMan Motorsport
Started Performance Driving: 2010
Involvement: NASA instructor, AMEC, SCCA, PCA, BMWCCA
TTB Class Champion since 2013 with NASA and owner of Stripes Racing


Christina Lam
Occupation: Systems Engineer
Started Performance Driving: 2012
Involvement: NASA instructor, PCA instructor, SCCA
First track day was at the Nurburgring


Laura Patton Parkhurst
Occupation: Business Intelligence Lead within the healthcare system, EllCie Photography
Started Performance Driving: 2003
Involvement: NASA instructor, VDCA, BMWCCA
Co-chief instructor for NASA-SE for the past ten years and self proclaimed “big data nerd”


Sarah Robinson
Occupation: Motorsport Marketing Manager for Michelin
Involvement: primarily NASA, but an instructor for various other clubs
Past (and first female) Michelin test driver and thinks it’s no big deal


Krista Peden Williams
Occupation: Technology Professional
Got Her Race License In: 2002
Involvement: NASA instructor, PCA instructor, BMWCCA instructor, THSCC instructor, SCCA

Wrenches on her own car and enjoys a good bottle of wine and fine meals

Having these six ladies at this AER event will certainly make for a change of scenery. History would show that while there is no lack of female presence, only a small percentage are highly active with their teams, and even fewer spend time behind the wheel.

The Women hope to attend multiple rounds of the American Endurance Racing series.